If you enlist a cleaner’s service to help you clean your house, you may want to tip them. Tipping cleaners in Milwaukee is a practice that shows your appreciation for the work done.

Some ladies are good at cleaning. The best you can do is encourage them. However, you might wonder about an appropriate amount. This article will help you in deciding how much to tip the cleaning lady.

How much should you Tip the Cleaning Lady?

Tipping cleaners is a common practice. A little added dollar to appreciate their efforts is not out of place, but you may not be sure of the right amount to top the charge.

You may want to consider the quality of the job done before tipping the cleaner. Your satisfaction may also determine the amount to tip the cleaner. Whatever the case, tipping 10 to 20 dollars is appropriate.

If it is a one-time cleaning, 10 to 20 dollars is okay. If the cleaning will be infrequent or once in a while, the same amount is fair. If you hire the lady to clean your home all year round or for a long time, say six months plus, you can postpone the tipping till the end of the work period.

The tipping, in this case, is better in the form of a gift or extra cash. Additional money, like the wage of a week’s worth, is appropriate. A gift worth the effort is also right.

If you hire the cleaner through an agency, tipping will be negotiable. Some agencies operate with a policy of not taking tips. They hold this policy because they pay their workers above the minimum wage. Their salaries incorporate the tip already.

When the cleaner works with an agency that pays them below the minimum wage, tipping is welcome. An extra 10 to 20 dollars will set them above the line. Some agencies appreciate it when their workers receive such favors.

If you are very generous, you can make the tip up to 30 dollars. Anything below 10 dollars is on the low side. It is honorable to tip handsomely.

If you chose to tip the cleaner based on percentage, 20 percent is okay. In a situation where you may not want to tip, 10 percent will not be too much.

You can choose to go beyond 20 percent if you are feeling generous. To break it down, if you are to pay the cleaner 150 dollars, a tip of 20% (30 dollars), 10% (15 dollars), or anything in between is fair enough.

What to Consider when Tipping House Cleaners

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Tipping house cleaners and the amount to tip depend on some factors. Before parting with those dollars, you may want to consider these factors.

1. Your Satisfaction

If you are satisfied with the work they have done, you can tip them handsomely. A lot goes into cleaning a house, and it is not every cleaner who gets it right. Cleaning your home thoroughly, getting all the pet fur off your rugs, and furniture is a task worth rewarding generously.

If you are not satisfied with the job done, you may want to tip less than you would have. If you feel you cannot tip below 10 dollars, you can tip the 10 dollars and hire a different cleaner next time.

2. Amount of Work done

Beyond the quality, you might want to consider the quantity of work done when tipping the cleaner. If your home is big and the cleaner covers it, you may want to reward her handsomely. A few dollars are not out of place if she cleans the stairs, all the room, store, study, and what have you.

3. Duration of Service

If you hire a cleaner for a one-time job, 10 to 20 dollars, or something a little more is okay. However, if you need the cleaner’s service for a more extended time, like a year or many months, a tip at the end of the service period is appropriate. A gift or bonus the amount of a week’s charge is cool.

4. The Inconveniencies

If it requires some effort, like having to drive a long distance, for the cleaner to get to your house, a tip will smooth the rough edges. If you call on the cleaner impromptu, you may want to tip them for the trouble.

Having an unexpected company or an impromptu meeting can be offsetting and inconveniencing. Having a cleaner save the day deserves an appreciation. A tip for this purpose shows your gratitude.

5. How the Cleaner was Hired

If you hired the cleaner on a one on one basis, you could tip her to thank her for the services. However, if you hired her through an agency, tipping may be under probability.

Some agencies in Milwaukee operate with a no-tipping policy. They pay their workers well enough.

On the other hand, some agencies encourage tipping their workers. If the cleaner’s agent encourages tipping, do so willingly. Most companies that pay their cleaners below the minimum wage encourage tipping. They do so to allow their workers to add more to the figures they pay them.

6. The Time of Year

The time of year may determine how much you tip your cleaner. During holidays like Christmas, everyone wants to have a few more dollars in their wallets.

There are dinners to attend, clothes to buy, parties to attend, and more money to spend. During the holidays, some people opt for cleaning jobs to save up more cash.


Tipping the cleaning lady is a practice with wide-spread acceptance. It shows your appreciation for the work done. Tipping between 10 to 20 dollars or 10 to 20% is appropriate. Some agencies do not take tips, but some do.

How Much Should You Tip The Cleaning Lady?