Milwaukee is a city in the American state of Wisconsin. However, the city has deep German roots and Native American cultures. It is, therefore, no surprise that the city’s food scene has significant recognition, and their culinary gems are laudable.

The city of Milwaukee is best known for its breweries and baseball’s major league brewers. However, Milwaukee is also rich in several cultural and tourist attractions.

It is a perfect place to visit for recreational and corporate events. When you stay in the city of Milwaukee, you need not worry about what to eat or where to eat.

You can choose some local supper club, the rooftop of a bar, or some locations recommended by these Milwaukee painters. There is always a place to be treated to a sumptuous meal within the city of Milwaukee.

Top-notch restaurants with various cuisines cover every corner of the city. Check out our curated list of best places to eat in Milwaukee.

Top 10 Best Places To Eat In Milwaukee

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Milwaukee’s ability to offer the best food can easily be underrated. However, with top-notch restaurants that are very affordable compared to most cities in American states, Milwaukee is the place to delight your taste bud.

Some of the locations within the city to get this feel include;

1. Kopp’s Frozen Custard

Want some butter burger or frozen custard? Then, your go-to place is Kopp’s. The restaurant tops the list of places specialized in these delicacies.

Though you have to journey out into the suburbs to locate a Kopp’s restaurant, you can rest assured that the journey is worth it.

You can go into Kopp’s with an appetite and get fueled with a burger big enough to satisfy your hunger. Check out the flavor forecast in advance so you can order as planned.

2. Lakefront Brewery

Scattered around the city of Milwaukee are several breweries, and Lakefront is one of them. A tour of the Lakefront Brewery should be a must on your list whenever you are in the city of Milwaukee.

You get a token to taste beer for free during the tour. The chances are that their Wisconsin-centric menu will win you over even if you were not planning to buy their beer.

The Friday Fry is a delicacy prepared by Lakefront with live polka music. It rates as one of the city’s best.

3. Harbor House

Harbor House does not just offer the best of cuisine; it also provides a view of Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee. This locale is the perfect place for special occasions and fancy dinners.

Harbor House is a part of Milwaukee’s Bartolotta restaurant group. It focuses on providing fresh seafood, accompanied by an extensive wine list.

4. Sobelman’s on St. Paul

Are you interested in the best Bloody Mary drinks in Milwaukee? Visit Sobelman’s.

Milwaukee is no doubt a significant drinking city due to its breweries. Therefore, there’s a need to have a proper hangover cure. This cure, by the name Bloody Mary, is what Sobelman offers.

Sobelman’s offers comically, extravagant, and world-renowned Bloody Mary garnishes. The hangover cure can be offered with varieties like a slice of burger, fried chicken, cheeseburgers, or the combination of all three if you like.

5. Vanguard Bar

Stellar sausages are rampant in Milwaukee. It’s almost impossible to stay in the city of Milwaukee without having a taste of Stellar sausages.

Vanguard Bar offers the famous Stellar sausage in varieties such as Milwaukee brat, Asian-inspired links, and others. You also have the option of enjoying your delicious sausage with great drinks. Vanguard has plenty of craft cocktails and local beers for this purpose.

In summary, for a real sausage party, Vanguard Bar has things covered.

6. The Original

Finding it difficult to get a unique American fare menu? You need not look further anymore. The Original lives up to its name in this respect. Here’s the place you’ll find Wisconsin produce-inspired plates and freshwater fish dishes.

The Original offers its services in a dimly-lit wooden bar that is the perfect environment for a glass of wine and cocktail. Each menu suggests the best pairing, so you don’t have to worry over how best to pair delicacies and wine.

Therefore, for classic and the best of American fare in an old-fashioned way, The Original is the place to go.

7. Strangetown

Want some vegan cuisine that’ll satiate your appetite? Check out Strangetown restaurant.

The state of Wisconsin is known for its dairy products and meat. It can, therefore, be challenging to find vegan menu options and more challenging to find vegan restaurants.

However, Strangetown restaurant is the “strange” vegan restaurant located in the state of Wisconsin. The restaurant may be in a strange town, but it has a welcoming menu for everyone.

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8. Mazorca Tacos

There might not be many tacos trucks in Milwaukee, but Mazorca Tacos has a seat in the city.

For an excellent taco truck experience with real staying power, Mazorca Tacos is the place to visit.

The menu might be limited, just like any other food truck, but real taco lovers know that this is one of the best. Besides, you don’t need so many options with tacos this good.

9. Blue Egg

The Blue Egg is so famous that a second location had to be established. The west side location was Blue Egg’s first location, but due to high demands, they opened a Northside location, yet the problem remains, though minimal.

The reason is that everything on the menu, from traditional breakfasts to unique items, is delicious.

10. Goodkind

For hip eclectic cuisine with a touch of modern, Goodkind is the way to go. Any night of the week in Goodkind gives you the feeling of a hip dinner party.

With the eclectic menu of American fare, a modern farm-to-table, regional ingredients, and perfect cocktail pairings, there is something to offer everyone.


Any of the places suggested above are perfect for a feel of home away from home. Visit any of these places and watch your table quickly fill up with the sumptuous meal you picked. You’ll realize how easy it is to create the life you want within the city.

What Are The Best Places To Eat In Milwaukee?